The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)

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The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems (1912)
by Florence Earle Coates
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Published November 1912

With kind and cruel ministries
 Nature assays her metals fine,
And Heaven, bestowing joys and griefs
 With equal hand benign,
Attempers what it holds most dear—
Adds now a smile and now a tear,
 Till it creates with touch divine
 A soul like thine, a soul like thine!—
Ever to loftiest counsels moved,
By all men honoured, and by all beloved.


the unconquered air 3
why did you go ? 5
ode to silence 6
the poetry of earth 8
how wonderful is love! 9
his face 11
lullaby 13
deathless death—in memory of richard watson
the "unfinished" symphony 17
in the town a wild bird singing 18
robert browning 20
éastre 22
song—my love is fairer than the tassled corn 24
the tomb said to the rose—after the french of
 victor hugo
exaltation—after the french of victor hugo 26
cendrillon 27
ode on the coronation of king george v 28
better to die 33
yesterday 34
cupid and the muses 36
last night i dreamed 37
love is passing 38
the hospital 40
once in a still, sequestered place 43
the orchestral leader 44
in loneliness—iseult of brittany 45
unpardoned 47
every night at marathon 48
mother mary 50
so you love me 51
the band of the "titanic" 52
winter-song 54
eros 55
dawn 56
the return of proserpine 58
a seeker in the night 59
through the window 61
poor icarus 62
secure 63
lines for a fiftieth anniversary 65
no more, dear heart 66
the man-soul 67
omar 68
the young wife speaks 69
heimweh 70
for the birthday of william dean howells 71
love and the child 72
on finding buddha's dust 73
in a tenement 74
divination 76
in modern bonds 77
an idle ditty 78
father 79
in dreamland 80
to the author of "madame butterfly" 82
the love of life 83
a narrow window 84
the lost gioconda 85
to alice meynell 86
the summer-time is in the rose 87
they told me 88
to r. r. on rereading the "de profundis" of
 oscar wilde
fairer than violets are 91
eagles—gibert's battle for the air 92
base-born 94
the morning-glory 95
a lover's "litany to pan" 96
the "titanic"—aftermath 98
keats—a sonnet 99
the white-throated sparrow 100
a cathedral 101
the chosen 103
the song that is forgot 104
against the gate of life—to helen keller 105
a realm of wonder 106
immortal 109
o giorno felice ! 110
dream the great dream 112

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