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I am a graduate of Western Washington University, with a major in economics. Eventually I plan to work toward a Master of Library and Information Science degree. I am fascinated with projects like Wikisource, Project Gutenberg, Marxists Internet Archive, and the Library of Congress that make primary sources freely available on the Internet. I currently live and work in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I also volunteer at Spartacus Books, a non-profit, non-sectarian radical bookstore.

I registered for Wikisource on 21 December, 2006, after having done some minor cleanup and making my first full contribution as an unregistered user. That contribution was the Floor Statement of Senator Gordon Smith on Iraq, after having watched the speech on C-SPAN and finding it worth reprinting.

I started adding New York Times articles as free time permitted. To date, I have contributed seven:

I also contributed one article to the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica:

Other additions include:

I am still trying new things with my contributions to Wikisource. If anyone has any suggestions, I encourage people to do so on my discussion page.

Love to all, --Ivanhoe, 20 February 2015