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Hi, my name is Jeffery. I am a contributor here on English Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons, and also on Wikipedia.

Contributions to date:


  1. The humble petition of Ah Yeu, Ung Keng Sin, Soh Ah Pang, Su Ah Fooed, and others
  2. [Correspondence related to the appointment of Chung Thye Phin to the position of Unofficial Member of the Federal Council of the Federated Malay States during the temporary absence on leave of the EU TONG SEN by SIR ARTHUR HENDERSON YOUNG then High Commissioner of the Federated Malay States.
  3. [The Petition of Chung Keng Quee & 44 Others This petition refers to the counter-attack, launched by the Ghee Hins headed by Chin Ah Yam, that drove the Hai Sans out of the Larut mines on 26th March, 1872.: The petition was forwarded to G. W. R. Campbell, acting Lieutenant-Governor Penang, who transmitted it on 11th October, 1872 to the Colonial Secretary, Singapore, arriving there on 19th October, 1872. On the 27th of October, 1872, the Governor instructed a reply to be written to the effect that the Government would not interfere (S. S. R. Correspondence re Disturbances in Perak and Larut, Vol xxiiJ 1862 - 1873, item no. 21 and appended documents). Meanwhile, the Hai Sans had massed an expeditionary force at Penang, and departed for Larut on 16th October 1872 (Winstedt and Wilkinson op. cit. p75).]
  4. [Sir Hugh Low writes to the editor of Harper's Magazine to vindicate Chung Keng Quee following the publication of a damaging article]
  5. [Penang Jurors 1904]
  6. [Singapore Jurors 1904]
  7. Malacca Jurors 1904]
  9. Corresp: Actions of Perak Expeditionary Force post-murder of Birch


  1. Capitan China Chung Keng Quee of Penang and Perak
  2. Kapitan China Chung Thye Phin of Perak
  3. Kapitan China Tan Kim Ching of Singapore
  4. Seow Poh Leng
  5. Ho Hong Bank Ltd
  6. Seow Sieu Jin
  7. K. P. Chen
  8. Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank
  9. The Hai San Congsee
  10. Justice Chang Min Tat
  11. The Second Larut War
  12. Justice Lim Koon Teck
  13. Tseng Lung Hui-Kuan
  14. John Frederick Adolphus McNair
  15. Samuel Dunlop