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I am also User: Brother Officer, William Maury Morris II, & long ago I created and posted a lot of articles and information as User: MAURY on Wikipedia. I started on Wikipedia on 24 January 2006‎. I also posted there as Brother Officer. Matthew Fontaine Maury is one of the articles I contributed a lot on. William Maury Morris II (talk) 19:08, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
I do not recall my password to my William Maury Morris account and I have tried to get someone to connect me back although most of my posts are written under Brother Officer. I have posted several Books on Wikisource using both William Maury Morris and Brother Officer.

Some of my Book transcriptions on Wikisource[edit]

[1] Biography of Matthew Fontaine Maury.

[2] Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

[3] Reverend James Maury vs Patrick Henry (Penny Parson's Cause)

[4] Narrative Of The United States Expedition To The River Jordan And The Dead Sea

[5] Matthew Fontaine Maury 1853 Brussels -- First International Maritime Conference Held At Brussels 1853 For Devising An Uniform System Of Meteorological Observations At Sea. Official Report August And September 1853.

[6] Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury of the Naval Observatory - Virginia Historical Society

[7] Rear-Admiral Marin H. Jansen [Henri,] of the Royal Netherlands Navy. This brilliant man was a very close friend to and co-worker with Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury. All honour due to him! History remembers these men.

[8] Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon by Lt. Wm. Lewis Herndon Vol.I

[9]Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon by Lt. Lardner Gibbon Vol.II

[10] John Walker Maury A Sketch of his Life and Lineage by his son William Arden Maury

[11] Virginia Military Institute, It's Building and Rebuilding. Author: General Francis Henney Smith, the Superintendent of V.M.I.

[12] Eulogy Upon William Wirt [attorney] by Richard Henry Lee.

[13]Fredericksburg, Virginia (1606—1908)