Where are the magic Big Fours gone

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"Where are the magic Big Fours gone"
by Grantland Rice
Published in a newspaper column in 1913 about the surprising success of the Washington & Jefferson Collegefootball team.
Reprinted in E. Lee, North (1991). Battling the Indians, Panthers, and Nittany Lions: The Story of Washington & Jefferson College's First Century of Football, 1890-1990. Daring Books. pp. 62–74. 

Where are the magic Big Fours gone
That once ruled East and West?
That once skimmed all the cream on top
And crowned the gridiron crest?

That once were lords of their domain
With laurel on their brow?
Are they still monarchs of the realm?
Where rings the cheering now?

Ask of the Michigan Aggies;
Query to the Pittsburgh U;
Shoot in a call to Dartmouth Hall
For that husky Hanover crew;

Hurry a wire to Carlisle
And ramble along the slope,
Where W&J has a word to say
In regard to the conquering dope

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