Declaration of Horace Sébastiani in French Chamber of Deputies about situation in Poland (1831)

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Declaration in Chamber of Deputies about situation in Poland (1831)
by Horace Sébastiani, translated by Maciej Szczepańczyk
September 16 1831
translated from French.
Order reigns in Warsaw, cartoon by J. J. Grandville, 1831

The government has unveiled all informations about events in Poland, which arrived to it. We are learning that town and fortress Warsaw has capitulated before Russian force, that Polish Army has withdrawn to Modlin region, that only 24 thousands Poles were in Warsaw when it was attacked and threaten, that 36 thousands were in Podlasie and at least, when it was written order reigns in Warsaw. [1]

  1. In French original l’ordre régnait à Varsovie — this phrase illustrates French sarcastic approach to Polish movement for independence (ref. by translator)
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