Last Wish

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Last Wish (Último Desejo)  (1937) 
by Noel Rosa, translated by Kirsten Weinoldt
Song from 1937. Translation by Kirsten Weinoldt of Brazzil Magazine, 2000

Our love, which I don't forget
And which had its beginning
At the Feast of São João
Dies today without fireworks
Without portrait and without notice
Without moonlight, without guitar

Close to you I fall silent
I think of everything and say nothing
Have fear of crying
I never want your kiss again
But my last wish
You can't deny me

If some person, a friend
Asks that you tell her
If you want me or not
Say that you adore me
That you lament and cry
At our separation

To the people I hate
Say always that I'm no good
That my home is a bar
That I ruined your life
That I don't deserve the meal
That you bought for me

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