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ferent and extraordinary fhapes ; fome are flraight like co- lumns, and fome fharp in the point, and broad in the bafe, like pyramids and obelifks, and fome like cones. All thefe, for the moil part inacceffible, unlefs with pain and danger to thofe that know the paths, are places of refuge and fafe- ty in time of war, and are agreeably feparated from each other by fmall plains producing grain. Some of thefe, however,, have at the top water and fmall flats that can be fown, fufficient to maintain a number of men, independent: of what is doing below them. Hauza fignifies delight, or pleafure, and, probably, fuch a fituation of the country has- given the name to it. It is chiefly inhabited by Mahome- tan merchants, is the entre-pot between Mafuah and Gon- dar, and there are here people of very confiderable fubflance,'

The 30th, at feven in the morning, we left Angari, keep- ing along the fide of the river. We then afcended a -high: hill covered with grafs and trees, through a very difficult and fleep road ;. which ending, we came to a fmall and a- greeable plain, with pleafant hills on each fide ; this is cal- led Mentefegla. At half pad feven we were in the middle of three villages of the fame name, two to the right and one on the left,, about half a mile diflance. At half pafl nine we palled a fmall river called Daracoy, which ferves as the boundary between Addergey and this fmall diflrict Men- tefegla. At a quarter pafl ten, we incamped at Addergey, near a fmall rivulet called Mai-Lumi, the river of limes, or lemons, in a plain fcarce a mile fquare, furrounded on each fide with very thick wood in form of an am- phitheatre. Above this wood, are bare, rugged, and bar- ren mountains. Midway in the cliff is a miferable vil- lage, that feems rather to hang than to fland there, fcarce

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