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The Times  (1922) 
Formally known as The Times, also known as the London Times, The Times of London and other monikers.
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1922-01-17January 17, 1922 Obituary: Colonel Ernest Marsh Lloyd
1922-01-17January 17, 1922 Death of Dr. John Brown: The Biographer of Bunyan
1922-01-17January 17, 1922 Death of Rev. John Brown
1922-02-24February 24, 1922 Death: Edward Carter Kersey Gonner
1922-02-25February 25, 1922 Death of Sir Edward Carter Kersey Gonner
1922-03-28March 28, 1922 Rev. Ronald Bayne
1922-04-25April 25, 1922 Obituary: A Great Jurist
1922-05-04May 4, 1922 Death: Dalrymple James Belgrave
1922-05-05May 5, 1922 "The Times" Botanist. Death of Professor G. S. Boulger
1922-05-08May 8, 1922 Funeral Notice: George Simonds Boulger
1922-05-10May 10, 1922 Funeral of Professor G. S. Boulger
1922-08-30August 30, 1922 Death:Sydney Thelwall
1922-09-05September 5, 1922 Milan Motor Races
1922-09-13September 13, 1922 Funeral:Charles Woodbyne Parish
1922-09-28September 28, 1922 Obituary: Robert Edmund Graves
1922-12-28December 28, 1922 Death of Thomas William Rhys Davids
The Times
1922 — transcribed articles
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