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Whoe'er in Heav'n above Does Wish to See on Earth (16th century) 
by Marin Držić, translated from Croatian by Wikisource
Croatian English
Tko hoće zgar s nebes pozriti na svit saj

Tko hoće zgar s nebes pozriti na svit saj
     anđelski vas ures, ovuj vil pogledaj,
ka prami od kosi i ličcem rumenim
     ne kteći zanosi ljuveno srce svim;
a slatkim pozorom, ki mene čini mrit,
     jaoh, čini mramorom studenim u plam it.
Pogledaj, mladosti, od svita ka s ures,
     cvit ove liposti, dočim ti dano jes;
ar lice svitlo toj s brjemenom utječe,
     a sunce ovakoj u rijetko istječe.

Whoe'er in heav'n above Does Wish to See on Earth

Whoe'er in heav'n above does wish to see on earth
     angelic beauty whole, should look upon this nymph,
who with her tresses fair and cheeks so blushing red
     though she intends it not, does move all hearts to love;
and by her look so sweet, with which she takes my life,
     alas, to marble cold she does set ardent flame.
Do fix your gaze, o youths, the ornament of earth,
     upon this blossom fair while yet 'tis given you,
for cheeks that shine as hers, do lose their glow with time;
     a sun such as in this does s'er so rarely rise.

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