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Community portal

Wikisource is an online library of free-content texts. Wikisource is maintained by a community of 3,011,115 registered users—404 of them have made edits in the last thirty days. If you want to join our community, just create an account and start editing.


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Proofreading statistics

Page Status Count
Validated 516,620
Proofread 887,131
Problematic 37,872
Not proofread 1,011,258
Without text 191,398

This table shows the total numbers of pages currently in the five categories of the Page namespace.


The Monthly Challenge for October contains 33 works.
This month:
  • Pages processed: 2719 (135.9% of target)
  • Avg. pages/day: 136
  • Yesterday: 110

Last month:
  • Pages processed: 2606 (130.3% of target)
  • Avg. pages/day: 87
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Featured article star - check.svg The current Proofread of the Month is Hoffmann's Strange Stories (1855) by Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann.

Recent collaborations: Galileo Galilei and the Roman Curia, Shinto: the Way of the Gods, Manhattan Transfer, The Island of Madagasgar, Negro Poets and Their Poems, The Torrent and the Night Before, Women of the West, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Appeal to the Wealthy of the Land, Attainder of Treason and Confiscation of the Property of Rebels