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Works would be defined as main and Translation: namespaces for the purpose of this guidance, and it would be expected that the disambiguation pages would occur in the main namespace, rather than the Translation namespace.
  • Disambiguation pages are for listing works that share the same or very similar title. One shouldn't list works with distinct titles on a disambiguation page, even if they are versions of the same work, or commentary on the same subject. Similar titles are variations such as singular vs. plural or choice of initial preposition or article, e.g. A or The.
  • Versions pages are for listing different versions of essentially the same work, regardless of title or author. You shouldn't list completely distinct works on a versions page, even if they have the same title, or the same author, or the same subject, or even if they are analysis or commentary on the work for that the versions page.
  • Translation pages are a specific type of versions of a work that have a number of translations

Case study: Song of Songs is a book of the bible also known as Song of Solomon, Canticle and Canticle of Canticles.

The works of commentary Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897)/Solomon, Song of and Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Canticle of Canticles are neither works with the same title, nor versions of the same work, so they should not be found together on a disambiguation page or a versions page. The only appropriate place to pull together all the various published commentary and analysis of Song of Songs, regardless of title, would be Portal:Song of Songs.


  • Disambiguation pages are for listing authors that share the same name. Where authors of the same name, the method of disambiguation is to use years of life with a hyphen separator, eg. John Smith (1522-1596)

Other namespaces[edit]

It would be unexpected for disambiguation pages to be required outside of the main and Author: namespaces.

If uncertain about the guidance above, or you have questions, then please ask at Wikisource:Scriptorium.

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