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This template is for disambiguating versions of the same work, whether or not the versions they have the same title or author. Use {{Disambiguation}} to disambiguate distinct works which happen to have the same title.

It will provide appropriate headers for the Main, Author and Portal namespaces, and should not be used outside these namespaces.

To annotate the header

<!-- suggested parameters to consider using -->
 | title      = 
 | author     = 
 | portal     = 
 | notes      = 
<!-- possible parameters (see note) -->
 | section    = 
 | previous   = 
 | next       = 
<!-- following usually provided by Wikidata item -->
 | wikipedia  = 
 | commonscat = 

There are also previous and next arguments for the rare cases where versions pages have an intrinsic order, such as books of the Bible.

Wikidata item

A Wikisource "versions" page would generally align with the conceptual work as explained at d:Wikidata:Books, that is, it is interwiki-linked with the item for the encyclopaedic article at Wikipedia.

Style guidelines

Excerpted from Style guide

A disambiguation page is a page listing works with the same title. For an example, see The Raven. Do not include works with different titles in a single disambiguation page, even if they are versions of the same work. Disambiguation pages are for disambiguating works with the same title, not for listing versions of a work.

A versions page is a page listing different versions of essentially the same work. There is no requirement that such works share the same title or authorship. For an example, see The Raven (Poe). Do not include distinct works on a single versions page, even if they share the same title and author. Versions pages are for listing versions of a work, not for disambiguating titles.

A translations page is a special case of a versions page, listing English language translations of a foreign work.

These pages share the same basic layout:

  1. The page title should be the ambiguous title being disambiguated (for a disambiguation page), or the title by which the work is best known (for a versions or translations page). (For guidelines on the titles of other pages, see 'Page titles' above.)
  2. The header is standardized with "{{disambiguation}}", "{{versions}}" or "{{translations}}" at the top of the page.
  3. Individual works are listed in bulleted form, with no links except the titles and the authors. Only the basic information (title, author, date if known, and type of work) should be listed. If a page lists multiple versions of the same work by the same author, also specify the collection it was first published in, if known. For example:
    * [[The Raven (Poe)|The Raven]] (1845), a poem by [[Author:Edgar Allan Poe|Edgar Allan Poe]].
    * [[A Cradle Song (Blake, 1789)|A Cradle Song]] (1789), a poem by [[Author:William Blake|William Blake]] published in ''Songs of Innocence''.

Works that appear on disambiguation pages should be tagged with "{{similar}}" to indicate the existence of other works with the same title; e.g. {{similar|The Raven}}

Works that appear on versions or translations pages should be tagged with "{{other versions}}" or "{{other translations}}" to indicate the existence of other versions or translations of that work; e.g. {{other versions|Little Red Riding Hood}}, {{other translations|Bible}}

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