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Pages should be named so that they are predictable. This makes them easy to search for and easy to link to. To achieve this, use intuitive, predictable names, such as the actual title of the book or author. Consistency should be striven for when naming multiple works, subpages, etc.

Naming conventions[edit]

Main namespace[edit]

  • The page name should be the title.
  • Disambiguation will be required for works of the same name.
  • Use of subpages is encouraged for lengthy works.

Author namespace[edit]

See Wikisource:Author names
  • The page name should be the author's name. Contrary to practice at Wikipedia, the author's full name rather than the most commonly used name should be used as the page name. (e.g. "Author:Edward Estlin Cummings" instead of "Author:E. E. Cummings"). Redirects should be created from common forms of a name to the full name.
  • Disambiguation will be required for authors of the same name.
  • Use redirects for variations on an author's name.

File: Index: and Page: namespaces[edit]

  • Titles approximating the name of the work are preferred, though variations may be required. Mindful naming is recommended when uploading the file to Commons.
  • Names of the works in these namespaces should be consistent to allow for interflow of linkages. For example, volumes of the same work should have similar file names.

Template namespace[edit]

  • The name should indicate the use of the template.
  • Abbreviation can occur, though this would be preferred as a redirect to the indicative name. (e.g. {{sc}} redirects to {{Small-caps}}.)

Wikisource and Help namespaces[edit]

  • Titles should be informative and kept short,without disambiguation.
  • Lengthy pages should utilise subpages or links to similar pages
  • Redundancy should be kept to a minimum. If the information is already present on a more applicable page, link to that page instead of copying text or writing something new. Consider the use of ''Main article: [[Wikisource:Page#Section]]'' or ''Main article: [[Help:Page#Section]]''.