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Policies and guidelines

This page lists the policies and guidelines applicable on Wikisource.


Link Description
Copyright policy Explains the legal rights and obligations of Wikisource editors in regards to copyright law.
Inclusion policy Outlines the guidelines used to decide whether or not Wikisource accepts a work.
Style guide Outlines Wikisource's style guidelines and conventions.
Featured text guidelines Outlines information related to texts featured on the main page.
Periodical guidelines Outlines the guidelines for hosting periodicals on Wikisource.

Restricted access (administrators and checkusers)

Link Description
Restricted access policy Outlines the general policy concerning restricted access: obtention, usage, and loss.
Blocking policy Describes the process and rules for blocking users from editing.
Deletion policy Describes the process and rules for page deletions.
Protection policy Describes the process and rules for locking a page from edits.
Administrator guidelines Outlines the general requirements applied in selecting administrators.


Link Description
Bot policy Outlines the policy and guidelines regarding bots.
Proxy policy Prohibits users from editing Wikimedia projects through open or anonymous proxies.
Image guidelines Outlines the Wikisource guidelines about production and use of images on the site.
Alternate account guidelines Outlines the guidelines regarding alternate or multiple accounts.
Red link guidelines Describes the use of red links.
Portal guidelines Outlines the guidelines regarding the use of portals.