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[[../]], Volume 1 edited by Arthur W. Hummel

CHIN Tê-ch'un 金德純 (T. 素公), scholar, was a native of Liaoyang, attached to the Chinese Plain Red Banner. Through his close relations with Li Kung [q. v.] he became associated with the philosophical school of Yen Yüan [q. v.]. In 1715 he wrote an account of the organization and discipline of the Eight Banners, in 1 chüan, entitled 旗軍志 Ch'i-chün chih. It appears in the Hsüeh-hai lei-pien, printed in 1831 (see under Ts'ao Jung), and in the second series of the 昭代叢書 Chao-tai ts'ung-shu.

[1/43C/13a; 15/3/14b and preface.]

Dean R. Wickes