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Reading offline

Options for exporting a book in order to read it offline.

While reading a complete book on Wikisource is possible, a lot of people like to download a book in order to read it on an ebook reader such as a Kindle, smartphone or other device.

Wikisource has a built-in export tool that is available on every page as a button marked Download.

The easiest way to download a multi-part book (such as one with several chapters on different pages) with one click, is to use the EPUB or MOBI formats, which can then be used with an ebook reader.

Downloading books[edit]

  1. Navigate to the page you want to download. For a multi-page work, this should be the top-level page of the work.
  2. Select Download from the top right of the page. In the mobile interface, there is an EPUB icon () at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the format you would like:
    • EPUB: suitable for most readers (except Kindles)
    • MOBI: for Kindles
    • PDF: for large-screen devices and printing
  4. Copy the downloaded file to your ebook reader as normal.

Advanced settings[edit]

The "more formats" option in the download dialog takes you to the WS-WsExport tool. There, you can set more options, including:

  • additional formats (e.g. RTF)
  • paper size (for PDFs)
  • alternative fonts
  • exclude images (for smaller results)

Available books[edit]

Wikisource OPDS catalog in KoReader

All Wikisource works have the download button. However, some works are incomplete, some have formatting that doesn't translate well to the ebook format.

Works that have been checked over for good export results are collected at Ready for export (711).

These works are also available as an OPDS catalog, which can be used to directly download books to your reader device: see Help:OPDS for more instructions.

Creating books[edit]

See Help:Preparing for export for guidance on preparing Wikisource works for export.