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Reading offline
Options for exporting a book in order to read it offline. See also Wikisource:eBook.

Whilst reading a complete book on Wikisource is possible, a lot of people like to be able to download a book in order to read it on an ebook reader, such as Kindle or IPad or even a Smartphone. The download methods on Wikisource are limited at present, but they may be improved in the future.

The only format for downloading a multi-part book (such as one with several chapters on different pages) with one click, automatically is EPUB format. Single part books can be downloaded in several formats and it is also possible to "Create a book" for any collection of pages in Wikisource. This can be ideal for creating your own poetry collection, for instance, but is rather tedious for a book with many chapters as it must be done repeatedly. Books can be saved for other users some are saved at Books. Also there is no content indexing within the document. However you can also choose to have the book printed professionally.

To be able to follow most of these procedures you need to be logged in to Wikisource. The position of some links may differ if you have changed your preferences.

Downloading a single-part item[edit]

  1. Navigate to the page you want to download
    1. To save the file as a PDF, select "Download as PDF" from the navigation menu (the left column)
    2. Otherwise, select "Printable version", which eliminates menus
      1. To save as html, choose the "Save as" option in your browser
      2. To save as simple text, take the "Save as" option in your browser and select "Text only" or equivalent
      3. To print the page on your own printer, select "Print" in your browser

Downloading a multi-part book (EPUB)[edit]

To use EPUB you must first enable it. Click here, scroll down to Interface then and select the option

Add a print/export link to download pages as EPUB files using the WSexport tool.

This will add an extra option in the Print/Export section of your navigation menu. You only need to do this once.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to download
  2. Select "Download as EPUB" from the navigation menu
  3. Copy the file to your ebook reader

Note: To read the file you must have an appropriate reader. These are available free for most platforms including conventional computers and smartphones, except for the Kindle. In the case of Kindle you will have to convert it to mobi format. This can easily be done by free software such as Calibre, available for most platforms, which can convert epub to almost any ebook reader format.

Downloading a multi-part book (PDF, ODT, ZIM)[edit]

You can produce output in PDF, ODT or ZIM format by first of all collecting all the relevant pages together and then outputting the result.

  1. Click on "Create a book" in the navigation menu
  2. Click on "Start book creator" button. This will generate a section at the top of each page (until you disable it) headed "Book creator"
  3. Navigate to the first page you want in your book
  4. Click on "Add this page to your book"
  5. Navigate to the next page and repeat these two steps repeatedly for every page in your book
  6. Click on "Show book"
  7. Add a title and subtitle (e.g. author) for the book
  8. Choose the format you want and click the "Download" button. After processing, the file will be downloaded to your computer
  9. Click on "Disable Book Creator"

Note: If you are adding a multi-part book, then click on "Suggest pages" after step 3 and click every page.

At the penultimate step you may also choose to have the book printed by a print-on-demand printer. All financial transactions are done directly with Pediapress.