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Wikisource eBooks OPDS catalog

Wikisource's syndication format for electronic publications

The Wikisource OPDS catalog in Koreader

Wikisource has an OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) catalog, which provides a way to directly download readable works from Wikisource.

All works in Category:Ready for export are included in the OPDS catalog automatically. See Help:Preparing for export for guidance on how to make a work suitable for exporting.

The catalog is regenerated on a daily basis.

Adding the catalog to your device[edit]

The URL is:

Add this to your device's list of OPDS catalogs.


The catalog is provided by the WS Export tool. Bugs and feature requests can be filed at the Phabricator project.

Additional catalogs can easily be created for other categories; file a Phabricator task if you would like a new one added.

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