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User access levels

Groups / access levels maintain a range of different rights that allow people to undertake different actions on site. Most actions are undertaken locally, though Wikimedia Foundation policies restrict some high-level access rights to a central pool of personnel who have been identified to the WMF.


  • Users (every account)
  • Autoconfirmed—automatic after 4 days, and 10 edits; can be reverted. Autoconfirmed rights are needed for editing some pages that had an increased protection level applied, typically due to persistent drive-by vandalism.
  • Autopatrolled—applied by administrators to users who display understanding of style guide and use of respective namespaces. The autopatrolled group confers no actual additional rights nor affects what you can do in any way. It is only a way for admins patrolling new edits to avoid having to see your edits in the feed once they are certain that your edits no longer need patrolling.
  • IP block exempt—applied upon request
  • Bots—by application and consensus of the community (see Wikisource:Bot policy)
  • Bot users—can be self-applied and removed by administrators; can otherwise by applied and removed by bureaucrats
  • Abuse filter editors–can be self-applied and removed by administrators; administrators can apply or remove to others with approval of community
  • Commons media local uploader—restricted right that allows new local uploads to an existing filename
Advanced rights

Typically all advanced rights holders have also been members of the administrators group of the community, and confirmation for those roles take place at the same time.

Time frame of group membership

  • Rights managed can be allocated for a period of time, or with no expiry
  • Administrators undertake an annual confirmation
  • Administrator, bureaucrats, checkusers and oversight are removed by stewards upon resignation, on consensus of community, or when not compliant with Wikimedia policies for checkuser or oversight

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