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Index:The silent prince - a story of the Netherlands (IA cu31924008716957).pdf

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Title The Silent Prince: a Story of the Netherlands
Author Hattie Arnold Clark
Year 1900
Publisher American Tract Society
Location New York
Source pdf
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed


Introduction 5
I. The Deathbed of a Princess 10
II. The Adventure 19
III. The Huguenot Preacher 25
IV. The Silent Prince 33
V. A Singular Friendship 45
VI. The Burgomaster's Daughter 52
VII. The Burgomaster's Rebuff 64
VIII. A House Divided Against Itself 71
IX. A Game of Chess 76
X. A Prince of the Church 83
XI. An Unexpected Visitor 90
XII. In the Snare 95
XIII. The Minstrel's Message 101
XIV. Making an Enemy 109
XV. The Lady Abbess 113
XVI. The Riot 120
XVII. The Burgomaster's Promise 127
XVIII. What the Stars Saw at Oosterweel 135
XIX. Hero or Coward? 143
XX. A Cancelled Debt 149
XXI. The Flame Scorches 160
XXII. A Foretaste of Terror 167
XXIII. A Grim Page of History 174
XXIV. What the Morrow Brought 181
XXV. Doña Isidore 188
XXVI. A Woman of Tact 196
XXVII. A Watch in the Night 202
XXVIII. A Life for a Life 208
XXIX. Leaves from a Journal 213
XXX. Pluming for Flight 219
XXXI. “Not as to a Fleming, But as to a Traitor” 227
XXXII. The Fugitives 234
XXXIII. Under Sentence of Death 241
XXXIV. The Midnight Assassin 249
XXXV. Shut In 256
XXXVI. The Prince to the Rescue 264
XXXVII. The Death of the Silent Prince 271