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Wikisource:Maintenance of the Month

The purpose of this project is to maintain, reform and improve the overall Wikisource project. Each month the community will pick an area in need of maintenance and improve it.

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The current Maintenance of the Month task is:

Author page connection with Wikidata items

Connecting Wikisource author pages with their matching Wikidata items

Previous maintenance: Work index revision


The Maintenance of the Month project is intended to improve the Wikisource project. This is not an improvement of the library of works (for that, see Wikisource:Proofread of the Month); this project focuses on the project itself and the structure that supports the library.

One of the tasks of Maintenance of the Month is to focus attention on routine maintenance tasks needed for Wikisource to function properly. However, this project is not limited to maintaining pages or fixing small problems. This project can also cover reform, upgrades and general improvements to make the overall project better and easier to use. Monthly goals can range from the simple to the complex; tackling existing issues or establishing something new.


This comes in two parts:

Ideas and suggestions[edit]

  1. Suggested monthly goals or tasks can be listed on the Suggestions page.
  2. Ideas and constructive criticism can be made on the discussion page.
  3. Existing ideas and suggestions can be amended or spun-off into new goals.
  4. Maintenance categories and special pages can be used to find additional areas in need of improvement.
  5. List of regular tasks that can be undertaken at any time

Monthly maintenance[edit]

  1. Every month the community will choose an area to be Maintenance of the Month, using the suggestions page and posts on the discussion page.
  2. The {{MotM}} template, the {{collaboration}} template, and the Archive will be updated to reflect this.
  3. Participants should engage in attempting to achieve the current MotM.