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Maintenance of the Month Suggestions

Suggestions, plans and outlines for future Maintenance of the Month subjects.

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See also: To do and To do (admins)

Ideas, criticism and discussion should be entered in the General Discussion page; full suggestions should be added to the table below. The Wikisource community can use this list to select future subjects for Maintenance of the Month. Alternatively, Wikisource users can independently attempt to resolve any of the problems or upgrades listed below.



This table lists the current, outstanding suggestions for Maintenance of the Month. Some are ongoing, even perennial, tasks that may cover more than one month, either consecutively or a task to be revisited at a later date. Others are much more specific tasks that focus on a precise goal.

Once a task is completed (unless it is an ongoing/perennial task), it can be archived and removed from this page.


  • Area provides a brief title to a task while Description goes into more detail.
  • Volunteer(s) lists any Wikisourcers currently working on a specific task. Feel free to add or remove your username at any time. This is not necessarily linked with the current MotM.
  • Priority ranks how important the maintenance/upgrade is (or would be) to the running of the Wikisource project.
  • Difficulty ranks how complicated it would be to attempt or implement a specific form of maintenance, reform or upgrade, assuming everyone from novices to experienced users were to take part.

The list

Area Description Volunteer(s) Priority Difficulty
Proposed policies Many of these haven't been edited in months. Are these current proposals, rejected, superseded, forgotten about? Mid Mid
Help pages A lot of help pages are missing. Knowledge is often assumed by regular Wikisource users but completely unavailable to new or casual users. Many help pages need to be created and the existing pages need to be improved. Chris55 High Mid
Guidelines & essays Wikisource has many standards and practices that do not warrant the status of policy but are still used without documentation. As with the lack of help pages, this leads to situations in which novices to Wikisource can find our project unnecessarily arcane. Writing guidelines, essays and similar pages will help to communicate these practices to all users. Mid High
Move images to Commons Wikisource should only be hosting images that are free in the United States but not in the country of origin, but there are many others lying around. Mid Mid
Categorisation Many works are poorly categorised or not categorised at all. An effort needs to be made to find such works and remedy this.
This task may extend further than a single month: It may continue until resolved or be revisited in a later month.
High Low
Portal listing Works need to be listed on all appropriate portals and portals need to be shown in the headers of these works.
This task may extend further than a single month: It may continue until resolved or be revisited in a later month.
Mid Low
Tagging for maintenance Maintenance cannot be done properly without knowing which areas require attention. Works and other pages in need of maintenance need to be tagged with maintenance templates. This includes a big effort to flag incomplete and partially proofread works. Mid Low
Upgrade tags Wikisource's set of maintenance templates need to be improved. Some still refer to Wikipedia-based concepts that do not quite match Wikisource's needs. New templates may be needed to cover maintenance specific to Wikisource. The appearance of all tags should be standardised. Mid Mid
Localisation Many pages (as well as templates and categories) use Wikipedian terminiology. This should be localised to refer to Wikisource. Mid Low
Search boxes Better search boxes, for authors, portals on the front page and advanced searches within specified works or authors. Mid High
Undated works Many works on Wikisource lack dates in the header. These are listed in Category:Undated works. Some may be false positives that only require years to be moved from categories to the header. Some have the year as a note, either in the header or the talk page. In other cases, the year may need to be found by investigation. Mid Low
Clean up category tree Wikisource's category pages need to be updated and partially reformed. Potential tasks include: duplicate categories need to be found and merged; subcategories need to be created; branches linking subcategories should be created to allow navigation in both directions; missing and/or new categories need to be added. Mid Mid
Wikisource:Community Portal The Community portal has had little attention for long time and may need some work. The page may just require a little cleaning up or it may need to be reformed entirely. Every page on Wikisource links to this page from the sidebar and it should be a central page for the community. Erasmo Barresi High Mid
Wikisource:Works This page is a partially illustrated, partial subject index. The use and purpose of this page may need to be revised and reformed. Mid Low
Category:Problematic Most of these pages need images to be found, cleaned up and uploaded Mid Mid
Links in WP (and the other sisters) to WS completed works The original rationale for WS was to provide reliable sourcing (WP:RS) for Wikipedia articles. A trawl through Category:Index Validated making sure that links are on WP to our validated works is needed. If there is a link to the same edition hosted by a non-Wikimedia site, that link could then then deleted.
Links to sister projects Some of the interwiki link templates (like {{wikipediaref}} and {{wikibooks}}) should be removed from all works, authors, and portals. In these pages interwiki links should be obtained only through {{plain sister}}, whose parameters are integrated in the {{header}}, {{author}}, {{portal header}}, and {{process header}} templates. Kathleen.wright5 Low Mid
Edit forms Users with advanced technical skills (for practical work) and less expert ones (for advice) may co-operate to create edit forms for the Main and the Author namespaces in order to make the editing interface more user-friendly. An edit form is already active in the Index namespace; try to edit an author page at the Italian Wikisource, too. Low High
Category:Works with no license template These need sorting through and researching on the various copyright databases. In some cases the works are extracts and the larger work needs to be found.