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The English Wikisource project has revision patrolling enabled for all Autoconfirmed users.[1] More information about this feature can be seen at mw:Help:Patrolled edits and meta:Help:Patrolled edit.

This feature displays pages needing review with red exclamation marks on Special:Recentchanges, and yellow highlights on Special:Newpages. To see only the revisions that need to be patrolled, select the "hide patrolled" option or click here.

When a user clicks on one of these links, an option is given to "[Mark as patrolled]". Once an edit has been marked as patrolled, the action is recorded in the Patrol log.

What to do before marking a contribution as patrolled
  • Respond to comments on talk page
  • Verify changes against reliable sources
  • Check the license looks appropriate, especially for {{PD-US-no-renewal}}
  • Fix major style issues, or tag them to be fixed.
  • Welcome new users

If you don't know how to deal with a specific contribution (or can't be bothered dealing with it), leave it and move on.


  • Contributions from established users are usually fine, however it is important to mark them as patrolled in order for the remainder of the recent changes to stand out.
  • For obvious vandalism, undo it and notify the user with:
    {{subst:test}} ~~~~
    If the vandalism is repeated, mention it on WS:AN, #wikisource or on the talk page of an admin that appears to be active on Special:Recentchanges.
  • When reviewing changes by new users, try to determine whether it was either an obvious improvement, or a well intended change. In either of those cases, welcome the user before attempting to fix the page further, as the new user will be reading your welcome message while you make any further improvements to the page in question. Use {{welcome}}, {{welcome-newuser}}, or {{welcomeip}}.
  • Before marking good changes as patrolled, consider further improvements:
    • If the page is without a header or license, either add the missing elements or tag the page with {{no header}} or {{no license}}
    • If the page is excessively long, consider tagging it with {{split}} or {{split-multiple}}
  • If it is a foreign language work,


Administrators have the right to set editors with the Autopatrolled right. If you believe that you have conquered the basics at Wikisource across the namespaces, then please ask an administrator directly or at Wikisource:Administrators' noticeboard.


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