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This page contains essays, and information about essays, related to Wikisource. For published essays in the main namespace, see Category:Essays.

Essays are opinions or advice given by Wikisource users. They are neither policies nor guidelines and have no official weight. Anyone can create an essay and there is no need for oversight or community approval. Essays are intended to be useful but optional documents and there is no obligation to follow the advice they contain.

There are two type of essay:

  1. Wikisource essays are general-interest essays hosted in the Wikisource namespace. Any user may edit, maintain or modified these essays and they are encouraged to do so.
  2. User essays are specific or minority-interest essays, personal opinions or essays that directly contradict Wikisource consensus; they are hosted in the User namespace author as subpages of the author's own user page. They should not be edited without permission of the author.

All essays should be marked as such by placing the {{essay}} template at the top of the page.

List of essays[edit]

Wikisource essays[edit]

Essay Description
Author names Opinions regarding author names, naming conventions, pseudonyms and the use of initials.
DjVu vs. PDF Comparison between the two file formats with respect to proofreading.
Handwriting Thoughts on proofreading handwritten documents.
Namespace usage proposal Proposals to simplify and expand the navigational options.
Portal classification system adaptation A guide to the adaptation of the Library of Congress Classification system (LCCS) for use on Wikisource.
Serial works Thoughts on handling serial works on Wikisource.

User essays[edit]

Essay Author Description
Categorization and URL Hierarchies on Wikisource Struthious Bandersnatch Against the use of subpages for articles in encyclopedias.

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