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Touring Shanxi Village
by Lu You, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
57844Touring Shanxi VillageLu You

"Touring Shanxi Village (遊山西村)," by Lu You

Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Pinyin
農家臘酒 农家腊酒 mò xiào nóngjiā làjiǔ hún
豐年留客雞豚 丰年留客鸡豚 fēngnián liúkè zú jītún
山重水複 山重水复 shānchóngshuǐfù yí wú lù
柳暗花明又一村 柳暗花明又一村 liǔ àn huā míng yòu yī cūn
簫鼓追隨春社 箫鼓追随春社 xiāogǔ zhuīsuí chūnshè jìn
衣冠簡樸古風 衣冠简朴古风 yīguān jiǎnpǔ gǔfēng cún
從今若許乘月 从今若许乘月 cóngjīn ruòxǔ xián chéngyuè
拄杖無時叩門 拄杖无时叩门 zhǔzhàng wúshí yè kòumén

Laugh not that the wine, placed on the altar by farming families at the end of Lunar New Year, is cloudy.

There are plenty of chickens and suckling pigs for the guests at the end of an abundant year.

Over numerous mountains and streams, I had my doubts that I could find the road.

Then out of the shade of the willows, came bright flowers and another village.

The sound of flutes and drums grow stronger as I approach the springtime commune.

Their clothing is plain, preserving an ancient quality.

And now, I am able to relax in all of this moonlight,

I will walk with my cane, and knock on every door throughout the night.



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