A Night in a Moorish Harem/The Captain's Third Story

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After I had grown to manhood, I was one summer at a place of public resort in the highlands of Scotland. One night after I had gone to bed I heard voices close beside me. Then I noticed that my head lay close to a door which separated my room from the one adjoining it. The voices were evidently those of a young married couple in bed and, like myself, close to the door which separated my room from theirs. I heard kisses and then a sound as if the lady's buttocks were being spanked. Then there was a struggle, and then the young man's voice said in a coaxing tone, ‘Please, dear Alice, do let me.' 'No, Charlie, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I am right in the midst of my period and I have been bleeding all day. Wait till you come next week and you shall have some, and be sure and bring some condoms with you. There are none left and it would be dreadful to make a baby so soon. Now lie on your side of the bed and go to sleep— don't squeeze my thighs that way; it only makes you worse.' The sweet voice of Alice grew increasingly angry. I heard Charlie turn over and they both soon went to sleep. My passions were aroused and my shaft grew rigid, but I lay perfectly quiet during the conversation so as to keep them in ignorance that they had a listener. The next morning they were near me at the breakfast table. Alice was a little blonde, the smallest and youngest bride I ever saw in Great Britain. She was so slender and had such large innocent blue eyes that she looked like a child in woman's dress. Charlie was a young surgeon; he was about my own age and his size and appearance resembled my own. After breakfast he started for Edinburgh, where he practised through the week, returning to his bride to pass Sundays. During his absence I paid assiduous attention to Alice, hoping to engage her in an intrigue. She was a lively little thing, but her life was all for Charlie, with whom I could see she was yet deeply in love. I became enamoured of her artless beauty. I longed to possess her, if only for one embrace. Her indifference only made me long for her more madly. All the week I went to bed with a stiff and hot shaft, close to the little beauty but unknown to her. Saturday night brought Charlie, all radiant with the promise I had overheard Alice make him the week before. I sat in my room reading when at early bedtime they came to their room. The kisses they exchanged when the door was shut were very aggravating to me. My shaft became perfectly rigid. Just at this moment there came a call for Charlie to go to a neighboring hamlet to set a broken limb; with a muttered curse he reluctantly obeyed the call. I knew it would take him three hours at least. I listened to Alice undressing; then I heard the tinkle of a little stream of water in crockery; then she put out the light and went to bed. Night after night the little bride had gone to sleep unconscious that she was near me, and now was once more asleep as I could hear from her regular breathing—but tonight her door was unlocked, waiting for Charlie. Would it be possible for me to impersonate him? The risk would be a terrible one, but the rigidity of my shaft put an end to reason and conscience. If I could fill those graceful little loins of hers the world might come to an end for all I cared. I stole softly in my shirt and drawers out into the corridor and into Alice's room. I crept carefully into bed with her and took her in my arms. I caressed her cunning round bosoms and felt her plump and polished thighs. They were much larger than I had imagined they were seeing her dressed. She had a few little curls between them, which I was daintily fingering when she woke up. 'So you have come, Charlie,’ she said. For reply I fastened my mouth to hers and we continued uninterruptedly to exchange kisses. She was honestly ready to give Charlie what she had promised him. She opened her legs for the expected charge and I did not disappoint her. My crest entered the delicious tightness. 'What a great clumsy condom you have on,’ she said. From this I inferred that my naked shaft was much bigger than Charlie's with condom on. I gave a plunge that drove my crest far in among the quivering membranes, far up in her loins. I was in rapture. The burning moments repaid me for my longing—and for any possible retribution to come. She enjoyed it as much as I did, judging from the increased ardour of knees and the motion of her thighs. I gave another plunge so deep mat my shaft seemed to disturb her slender waist and my crest to up heave her bosom. 'Oh, Charlie,’ she said, with a dying sigh. Another plunge and the sheath of the young bride was flooded with mingled gushes. A moment of perfect stillness followed. To me it was a moment of ineffable satisfaction and perfect bliss. Then she suddenly scrambled from beneath me. ‘The condom must have burst!’ she said, hastily pouring water into me basin and washing herself. Pretty soon she came back to bed and nestled in my arms. I pretended to be overcome with drowsiness and languor and answered two or three of her questions with an inarticulate, ‘Eh?' The completeness with which she had melted was soon evident from the deep sleep of exhaustion into which she sank. Then I stole silently from her bed back into my own, but did not go to sleep. I awaited anxiously Charlie's return. In due time he came. While he was undressing, Alice awoke. I heard her ask him drowsily, ‘Why did you go out?’ meaning why had he got up and gone out, after he had returned to bed with her. 'I had to go out,’ he replied, meaning he had had to go and attend a professional call. She must have thought he had a necessary occasion to go into the yard. I heard her yawn and turn over as he got into bed with her and then the more significant sound of the creaking of the bed which made me more jealous. This was followed by Charlie's deep sigh; then all was still save the regular breathing of the two sleepers. It made me happy to think Alice had not joined in the sighing. I believe this gave me more pleasure than my successful escape from discovery. The next morning at breakfast Alice looked me right in the eye with her large, innocent eyes, perfectly unconscious that but a few hours before she had rapturously melted in my arms.

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'What a shame!’ said Inez. 'There was no harm done after all,’ said Anna. 'Well, then,’ said I, ‘listen to another story. Perhaps this will please you all.'