Abridged letter to Marwan I

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Verily what I have heard concerning thee is, that thou hast overstepped the limits of prudence in dealing with thy subjects. And it is imperative that he who holds rule should, concerning his passinos, be as one who is blind, and should turn his back upon his desires.

Thou didst reign over a mighty province, but thou wert not capable; therefore ask pardon from God for thine adulterous deed. And verily the miserable youth came weeping to us, and laid before us his trouble and his sorrows. I swear an inviolable oath to Heaven, yeah, and else may I be excluded from my religion and my faith, that dost thou disobey me in what I have written, I will surely make of thee meat for eagles. Divorce Saida, and send her equipped instantly, with el-Kamit and Hasr son of Dzabyan.