The Pearl/Volume 18/Acrostic - The Martyr

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The Pearl
Printed for the Society of Vice
Acrostic - The Martyr

F irm as a rock the noble martyr stood,
U nbending as a rod of tempered steel;
C almly he sees the touch ignite the wood,
K nowing the agony he soon must feel.

M ighty the influence which makes the body
Y ield prompt obedience to the power of will!

C onscious of being right, this is the motto,
U pon his banner writ in words of light.
N o other motive can supply the power,
T o cheer the martyr in his dying hour!

D ying because he would maintain the right,
E ver should rule in place of boastful might!
A nd so the martyr's name shall never die,
R ound the whole world the stirring tale shall fly.

P eoples unborn his noble name shall learn,
A nd his example make their bosoms burn;
P atriots shall hail him as a brother true,
A nd write his history for all to view!