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Daniel R. Thompson
Daniel Thompson (1935 - d. May 6, 2004) was a Cleveland poet, civil rights activist and advocate for the homeless. Thompson became the first honored "Poet Laureate" for Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Daniel R. Thompson


  • ArtCrimes 4, 1988 edited by Thompson, Daniel
  • Famous in the Neighborhood, 1989 Burning Press, Cleveland, OH
  • Even the Broken Letters of the Heart Spell Earth, 1998, Bottom Dog Press [1]
  • The Rain Poet, 2004, Green Panda Press, Cleveland, OH [2]
  • Double X, 2004 Published by Jim Lang, (of Split Whiskey), Lakewood, OH
  • Comforting the Dead, 2004, Green Panda Press, Cleveland, OH [3]