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James Thurber
American humorist and cartoonist
James Thurber



Posthumous Collections:

  • Credos and Curios (1962) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2057 due to Renewal RE526775 NM: changes, additions, revisions.
  • Thurber & Company, 1966 (ed. Helen W. Thurber)
  • Selected Letters of James Thurber, 1981 (ed. Helen W. Thurber & Edward Weeks)
  • Collecting Himself: James Thurber on Writing and Writers, Humor and Himself, 1989 (ed. Michael J. Rosen)
  • Thurber On Crime, 1991 (ed. Robert Lopresti)
  • People Have More Fun Than Anybody: A Centennial Celebration of Drawings and Writings by James Thurber, 1994 (ed. Michael J. Rosen)
  • James Thurber: Writings and Drawings, 1996, (ed. Garrison Keillor), Library of America, ISBN 978-1-88301122-2
  • The Dog Department: James Thurber on Hounds, Scotties, and Talking Poodles, 2001 (ed. Michael J. Rosen)
  • The Thurber Letters, 2002 (ed. Harrison Kinney, with Rosemary A. Thurber)

Short stories[edit]

See Articles
  • The Newcomer[1]


  • The fifth New Yorker album, on foreword Renewal R258753
  • The Wizard of Oz; bk., by L. Frank Baum. introd. by James Thurber. Renewal RE385308
  • My country-in-law, by Mary Mian, with an introduction by James Thurber, illustrated by Maurice Duvalet Renewal R570492
  • This Petty pace, a book of drawings (1945) Renewal R546306
  • How to raise a dog: in the city, in the suburbs (James Roser Kinney and Ann Honeycutt, Illus.: James Thurber, 1938) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2034 due to Renewal R383270


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