Beppa the Pious

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While beauty in my face is,
Be piety my care,
For God, you know, loves lasses,
And, more than all, the fair.
And if yon hapless monkling
Is fain with me to live,
Like many another monkling,
God surely will forgive.
No grey old priestly devil,
But, young, with cheeks aflame—
Who e'en when sick with revel,
Can jealous be and blame.
To greybeards I'm a stranger,
And he, too, hates the old:
Of God, the world-arranger,
The wisdom here behold!

The Church has ken of living.
And tests by heart and face.
To me she'll be forgiving!
Who will not show me grace?
I lisp with pretty halting,
I curtsey, bid "good day,"
And with the fresh defaulting
I wash the old away!

Praise be this man-God's guerdon.
Who loves all maidens fair,
And his own heart can pardon
The sin he planted there.

While beauty in my face is,
With piety I'll stand,
When age has killed my graces,
Let Satan claim my hand!

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