Brown, Samuel (fl.1700) (DNB00)

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BROWN, SAMUEL (fl. 1700), was a surgeon stationed during the last few years of the seventeenth century at Madras, then called Fort St. George. From time to time he sent collections of dried plants &c. to England, where they were described by James Petiver, and published in the 'Phil. Trans.' in a series of papers in vols. xx. (1698) and xxiii. (1703). Petiver's plants passed into the hands of Sir Hans Sloane, and now form part of the herbarium of the British Museum (Nat. History) in Cromwell Road. Particulars of his life are wanting.

[Pulteney's Biog. Sketches of Botany (1790), ii. 38, 39, 62.]

B. D. J.