Brown, Thomas (fl.1570) (DNB00)

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BROWN, THOMAS (fl. 1570), translator, of Lincoln's Inn, translated into English 'A ritch Storehouse or Treasurie for Nobilitye and Gentlemen, which in Latine is called Nobilitas literata, written by a famous and excellent man, John Sturmius, and translated into English by T. B., gent., . . . Imprinted at London by Henrie Denham .... 1570.' This volume is in the Grenville Library in the British Museum. In a note appended to it Mr. Grenville says that it does not appear who T. B. was. A Thomas Brown who wrote some verses prefixed to the 'Galateo of maister John Delia Case (Casa) archbishop of Beneventa,' translated by Robert Peterson of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, a work printed in 1576, and described in Herbert's edition of Ames's 'Typographical Antiquities,' is probably Thomas Browne (d. 1585) [q. v.]

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W. H.