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BUCHAN, ANDREW of (d. 1309?), bishop of Caithness, was, previous to his elevation to the Bishopric, abbot of the Cistercian abbey of Cupar (Coupar) Angus, to which he had been preferred in 1272, In the Ragman roll his name appears as paying homage to Edward at the church of Perth 24 July 1291, and at Berwick-on-Tweed 28 Aug. 1296. He was nominated to the bishoric of Caithness by Pope Boniface VIII, 17 Dec. 1296 (Theiner, Vet. Mon. ed. 1864, No. ccclix. pp. 163-4). Spotiswood affirms that he lived as bishop thirteen years, but wrongly gives the date of his consecration as 1288. The date of his death is usually given as 1301, but this appears to be mere conjecture, and there is no evidence to show that his successor Ferquhard was bishop before 1309.

[Rental Book of Cupar-Angus, ed. Charles Rogers (Grampian Club), i. 15-29; Anderson's Orkneyinga Saga, lxxxv-vi.]

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