Littell's Living Age/Volume 151/Issue 1957/Children's Christmas Hymn

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Littell's Living Age
S. K. H.
Volume 151, Issue 1957 : Children's Christmas Hymn

Originally published in Sunday Magazine.

Children's Christmas Hymn

     Written for a children's Christmas-day service

Hark , the air is thrilling with the song we sing!
Hark, the rafters echo! loud our voices ring!
Higher still and higher every sound shall rise,
Drawing ever nearer to the eternal skies.

Would you know the meaning of our triumph song?
'Tis the joyous echo of the ages long.
"Peace, good will!" was whispered very far away,
Many a land is answ'ring, "Peace, good will!" to-day.

Every voice we welcome joining in our strain,
Till no lips are silent in the glad refrain;
Gathering as a torrent rolling towards the sea;
Lost at last in ocean's mighty harmony.

Love most deep and tender is our theme to-day,
Gazing at the manger where the Infant lay;
Boyhood's noble promise in the man fulfilled;
Perfect life completed — self forever stilled.

Victory o'er temptation, life, and death, and time;
Fortitude and courage, mercy's force sublime;
Patience in privation, pain in silence borne;
Grief, humiliation, crown of piercing thorn.

Yet a man in all things — touchèd by our grief;
Bruised for our transgressions; seeking our relief;
Say, is He not worthy? Say, shall we not sing,
Gladly, proudly giving homage to our King?

Yes, with loud Hosanna rise our voices high,
Through the azure distance, piercing to the sky;
With our grateful praises heaven's high vault is riven,
For to us a Son is born, a Child is given!