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Boutwell, George Sewell

BOUTWELL, GEORGE SEWELL, an American statesman, born in Brookline, Mass., Jan. 23, 1818; was admitted to the bar in 1836; served in the State Legislature in 1842-1851; Governor of Massachusetts in 1851-1852; was an organizer of the Republican party in 1854; appointed the first commissioner of the newly established Department of Internal Revenue in 1862; a Representative in Congress in 1863-1869; one of the managers of the impeachment trial of President Johnson; Secretary of the Treasury in 1869-1873; and a United States Senator in 1873-1879. Besides numerous speeches he published “Educational Topics and Institutions” (1859); several works concerning taxation, and “The Constitution of the United States at the End of the First Century” (1895). He died Feb. 28, 1905.