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SUMNER, WILLIAM GRAHAM, an American political economist; born in Paterson, N. J., Oct 30, 1840; was graduated at Yale in 1863; studied at Geneva, Göttingen, and Oxford; was tutor at Yale in 1866-1869; in 1867 took orders in the Protestant-Episcopal Church; was assistant at Calvary Church, New York, and rector of Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, N. J.; appointed Professor of Political Economy and Social Science at Yale College in 1872. His writings include a translation of Lange's “Commentary on Second Kings” (1872); “History of American Currency” (1874); “Life of Andrew Jackson” (1882); “What Social Classes Owe to Each Other” (1883); “Problems in Political Economy” (1884); “Protectionism” (1885); “History of Banking in the United States” (1896); etc. He died April 12, 1910.