Cooper, William (fl.1653) (DNB00)

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COOPER, WILLIAM (fl. 1653), puritan divine, married the daughter of a Dutch painter who was in favour with Laud, and so obtained the living of Ringmere in Sussex. Contrary to expectation, he showed himself a puritan. From 1644 to 1648 he was chaplain to Elizabeth, queen of Bohemia, sister of Charles I, and resided in her household at the Hague. In 1653 he was appointed to examine candidates for the ministry. He was ejected from St. Olave's, Southwark, in 1662, and in 1681 was confined in the crown office. He published several sermons, some of them edited by Annesley in his ‘Morning Exercises at Cripplegate,’ wrote the annotations on Daniel in ‘Poole's Commentary,’ and is said also to have written Latin verses, but this may be a confusion with Dr. William Cooper. He was alive in 1683.

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