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[ 3535 ]

Banksia occidentalis. West-Coast

Class and Order.

Tetandria Monogynia.

(Nat. Ord. - Proteaceæ)

Generic Character.

Perianthium quadripartitum (raro 4-fidum. Stamina
apicibus concavis laciniarum immersa. Squamulæ hypo-
gyna 4. Ovarium biloculare, loculis monospermis. Folli-
culus ligneus: dissepimento libero, bifido. Amentum flos
culorum paribus tribracteatis. Br.

Specific Name and Character.
Banksia occidentalis; foliis linearibus extra medium spinu-
loso-dentatis subtus aveniis, bracteis amenti apice gla-
bris, perianthiis marcescentibus, unguibus basi intus
barbatis, folliculis ventricosis tomentosis, apice com-
pressiusculo nudo, caule fruticoso, ramulis glabris.
Banksia occidentalis Brown, Linn. Soc. Trans. v. 10. p.
204. Ibid. Prodr. p. 392. Ibid. Hort. Ke. ed. 2.
v. 1. p. 215. Roem. et Shult. Syst. Veget. v. 3. p. 438.
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Botanical Magazine 3535 (pl).jpeg

This handsome species flowered in the greenhouse of the
Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, in September, 1835.
Descr. Shrub erect. Branches ascending, red, glabrous,
when young angled and having a few adpressed hairs.
Leaves (four inches long, two lines broad) verticillate,
linear, glabrous above, covered with white tomentum and
veinless below, revolute in the edge, beyond the middle
distinctly spinuloso-dentate, terminated with three mucros,
of which that in the centre is the shortest. Inflorescence
terminal. Perianth dark red, but appearing leaden colour-
ed from a covering of adpressed hairs, glabrous at the apex.
Styles glabrous, reddish-purple, spreading horizontally,
about three times as long as the perianth, connivent in
double rows, and tipped with the yellow pollen. Graham.