Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Vol 19 Finch - Forman

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Finch - Forman
Finch - Fitzg Fitzg - Fitzroy Fitzroy - Fl Fl - Forman
  • Finch, Anne (d.1679)
See Conway, Anne
See under Finch Henry (d.1704)
See under Ogilvie, James (1664-1730)
See Fyneux
  • Fingall, second Earl of,
See Plunket, Christopher
  • Fitzgerald, David.
See David (d.1176)
See Fitzgerald, Maurice II.
  • Fitzgerald, Henry Vesey. See:
Fitzgerald, James (1742-1835).
Fitzgerald, Gerald (d.1583)
  • Fitzgerald, John (d.1316). See:
Fitzthomas, John (d.1316).
See Fitzgerald, Maurice (d.1257)
See Fitzthomas, Maurice (d.1356)
See Fitzherbert, Alleyne
Fitzwilliam, Edward Francis
alias de Breteauil