Dionysius the Areopagite, Works/On Divine Names

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Caput. 1 - What is the purpose of the discourse, and what the tradition concerning Divine Names

Caput. 2

Caput. 3 - What is the power of prayer, and concerning the blessed Hierotheus, and concerning reverence and covenant in the Word of God

Caput. 4 - Concerning Good, Light, Beauty, Love, Ecstasy, Jealousy, and that the Evil is neither existent, nor from existent, nor in things being

Caput. 5 - Concerning Being—in which also concerning Exemplars

Caput. 6 - Concerning Life

Caput. 7 - Concerning Wisdom, Mind, Reason, Truth, faith

Caput. 8 - Concerning power, justice, preservation, redemption, in which also concerning inequality

Caput. 9 - Concerning great, small, same, different, similar, dissimilar, standing, movement, equality

Caput. 10 - Concerning Sovereign Lord, "Ancient of days" in which also, concerning Age and Time

Caput. 11 - Concerning Peace, and what is meant by the self-existent Being; what is the self-existent Life, and what the self-existent Power, and such like expressions

Caput. 12 - Concerning Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God of Gods

Caput. 13 - Concerning Perfect and One