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EDWARDS, SYDENHAM TEAK (1769?–1819), natural historical draughtsman, was the son of a schoolmaster and organist at Abergavenny. Having made copies of certain plates in Curtis's 'Flora Londinensis,' they were seen by a Mr. Denham, and by him brought under the notice of William Curtis, the founder of the 'Botanical Magazine' [q. v.], who was so pleased with their execution that he sent for Edwards to London, and there had him instructed in drawing. From 1798 onwards Edwards made nearly the whole of the drawings for the 'Botanical Magazine,' and several for the 'Flora Londinensis.' He accompanied Curtis on various excursions, that the plants and animals they found might be drawn from life. His patron died in 1799, but Edwards continued to furnish the 'Botanical Magazine' with drawings, and he also issued six parts of 'Cynographia Britannica, consisting of Coloured Engravings of the various Breeds of Dogs in Great Britain,' &c., London, 1800-5, 4to. He also supplied the plates of a serial publication, the 'New Botanic Garden,' which began in 1805, was completed in 1807, and was reissued by a different publisher in 1812 with text, the title being altered to 'The New Flora Britannica.' In 1814 Edwards was induced to withdraw from the 'Botanical Magazine,' and to start the 'Botanical Register,' the text of which was at first contributed by J. B. Ker-Gawler, and at a later period by Dr. John Lindley. Edwards died at Queen's Elms, Brompton, 8 Feb. 1819, in his fifty-first year.

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