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EPPS, GEORGE NAPOLEON (1815–1874), homœopathic practitioner, was the half-brother of Dr. John Epps [q. v.], and was born on 22 July 1815. After being for some years his brother's pupil and assistant, he became a member of the London College of Surgeons in 1845, and was in the same year appointed surgeon to the Homœopathic Hospital in Hanover Square. His mechanical aptitude led to his being very successful in treating spinal curvatures and deformities. In 1849 he published ‘Spinal Curvature, its Theory and Cure.’ He added a third part to Pulte's ‘Homœopathic Physician,’ brought out by his brother in 1852, on the ‘Treatment of Accidents;’ and published revised editions of W. Williamson's ‘Diseases of Infants and Children,’ and ‘Diseases of Women and their Homœopathic Treatment,’ in 1857. In 1859 he published a work, ‘On Deformities of the Spine and on Club Foot.’ He had a large practice to which he was much devoted, never sleeping out of his house for twenty years. In 1833 he married Miss Charlotte Bacon. He died on 28 May 1874.

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