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FENTON, EDWARD DYNE (d. 1880), author, entered the British army as an ensign in the 53rd Shropshire regiment of foot in 1847, was advanced to a lieutenancy in 1849, placed on the half-pay list in 1857, obtained a captaincy in the 14th Buckinghamshire regiment of foot in 1858, and exchanged into the 86th royal County Down regiment of foot in 1860, with which he spent some years at Gibraltar. He retired from the army about 1870, and thenceforward resided chiefly at Scarborough until his death, which took place on 27 July 1880. He was well known as an amateur photographer, and very popular among his friends. He published: 1. ‘Sorties from Gib. in quest of Sensation and Sentiment,’ London, 1872, 8vo (a collection of entertaining narratives of tours made in Spain during brief furloughs). 2. ‘Military Men I have met,’ London, 1872, 8vo (humorous sketches, illustrated by Linley Sambourne, of types of military character). 3. ‘Eve's Daughters,’ London, 1873, 8vo (a volume of slight sketches and stories illustrating female character). 4. ‘B., an Autobiography,’ London, 1874, 8vo (a three-volume novel).

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