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GAULE, JOHN (fl. 1660), divine, studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, but did not graduate. He was an unlearned and wearisome ranter. For a time he appears to have been employed by Lord Lindsey, probably as chaplain. By 1629 he was chaplain to Lord Camden. He was then an ardent royalist, but afterwards paid assiduous court to the leading Commonwealth men, in the hope of obtaining preferment. Through the interest of Valentine Wauton he became vicar of Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire, by 1646. In the hope of being allowed to retain his living at the Restoration, he wrote a wretched tract, entitled ‘An Admonition moving to Moderation, holding forth certain brief heads of wholesom advice to the late and yet immoderate Party,’ 12mo, London, 1660, to which he prefixed a slavish dedication to Charles II. His other writings are: 1. ‘The Practiqve Theorists Panegyrick. … A Sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse,’ 12mo, London, 1628. 2. ‘Distractions, or the Holy Madnesse. Feruently (not Furiously) inraged against Euill Men, or against their Euills,’ 12mo, London, 1629. 3. ‘Practiqve Theories, or Votiue Speculations, vpon Iesvs Christs Prediction, Incarnation, Passion, Resurrection,’ 12mo, London, 1629. 4. ‘Practiqve Theories, or Votiue Speculations vpon Abrahams Entertainment of the three Angels,’ &c., 3 parts, 12mo, London, 1630. 5. ‘A Defiance to Death. Being the Funebrious Commemoration of … Viscount Camden,’ 12mo, London, 1630. 6. ‘Select Cases of Conscience touching VVitches and VVitchcraft,’ 12mo, London, 1646. 7. ‘A Sermon of the Saints judging the World. Preached at the Assizes holden in Huntingdon,’ 4to, London, 1649. 8. ‘Πῦς-μαντία. The Mag-Astro-Mancer, or the Magicall-Astrologicall-Diviner posed and puzzled,’ 4to, London, 1652. Another edition under the title of ‘A Collection out of the best approved Authors, containing Histories of Visions,’ &c., was published without Gaule's name in 1657.

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