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The Pearl
Printed for the Society of Vice
God Save Queen Cunt

God save our great Cunt! our Queen!
For ever may she reign,
Supreme o'er all!
Her praises we will sound,
True bliss in her is found,
She long ago was crowned,
Queen of the world!

Adam in Eden's bowers,
With choicest fruits and flowers,
Felt all alone!

Only his prick to frig,
When it was hard and big,
Till he felt with fatigue
Weary and worn!
Our Queen saw his distress,
And swift to his redress
From heaven she came.

Told him her name was Eve,
And asked him to believe
That she would relieve
Prick's burning flame!
Adam at once replied:
"For something I have sighed,
I knew not what!"

This cunt you show to me,
New strength puts into me.
And yet it seems to me,
My prick's more hot!"

Great Cunt, our Queen, then said:
"On this bank in the shade
I will lay down.
Put your prick in the slit,
Never fear the tight fit,
Push, and it will admit,
Your cock so brown!

Up and down move your bum,
In which I'll put my thumb,
To keep good time!
Shove your cock in and out,
Until from his blunt snout
The sperm shall madly spout,
'Tis bliss divine!"

Can I describe our Queen?
Her beauties must be seen
To be well known.

Lips that are lecherous,
Perfect and amorous,
And odoriferous!
This is her crown!

You will find her great chink,
Lined with skin quite pink,
God bless Queen Cunt!
Never in man or beast,
Will you find such a feast,
If with your tongue you taste
Her juicy cunt!

Emp'rors and kings bow down
To her power and renown,
Queen Cunt they love!
Their pricks with joy they push
Into her hairy bush,
And with a furious rush
With joy they shove!

The Pope of Rome, I know,
Cunt's claims cannot forgo,
But owns her sway!
Cardinal, monk and priest,
From greatest to the least,
All love her luscious feast,
Both night and day!

Mankind of every race,
Where'er the dwelling place,
Get the stiff prick.

Chinese or Negromen,
Zulus or Englishmen,
Irish or American,
Love Cunt's sweet nick!

Ever since Adam's day
Cunt has maintained her sway
Over the world!

Never by piety,
Or any dignity,
From her authority
Has she been hurled!

Cunt's greatest foe has been,
One that is quite obscene:
A tight arse-hole!

Conquered now is this foe,
Perfect his overthrow!
In sight he dares not show,
To save his soul!

God save great Cunt, our Queen,
Let her throne be between
Sweet woman's thighs!

And may the curling hair,
Gracefully clustering there,
Man's pego still ensnare,
Until he dies!