Haselwood, Thomas (DNB00)

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HASELWOOD, THOMAS (fl. 1380), historian, was a canon regular at the monastery of Leeds in Kent, where he was employed as a schoolmaster. Bale, on the thority of William Botoner or William of Worcester, asserts that he lived about 1320, but Weever in his ‘Funerall Monuments’ quotes from Haselwood a eulogy of Edward the Black Prince. Haselwood's only work is said to have been a ‘Chronicon Compendiarium Cantuariense;’ Weever states that it was in the Cottonian Library, but gives no more exact reference, and it seems impossible to decide for certain whether it is still preserved there; if so it has been lost sight of. The last words of the extract given by Weever are ‘inter regales regum memorias dignum [sc. Edwardum principem] duximus commendandum,’ which looks as if Haselwood's work was a series of short lives of English kings, perhaps a compilation made for the use of his scholars.

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