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Guidelines for working with Bibliowiki.

Bibliowiki (formerly Wikilivres) is a project similar to Wikisource. It is based in Canada, so it operates on Canadian copyright law rather than United States law. Some works that are not acceptable on Wikisource due to copyright may be acceptable on Bibliowiki instead. Wikisource can link to Bibliowiki by a wikilink or with a soft-redirect template.

Note that Bibliowiki is a multi-lingual project, with most texts being in English, French, and Spanish along with a handful in Albanian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, Georgian, German, Polish, and Russian. It also accepts media files which makes it complement Wikimedia Commons as well.

Canadian copyright law[edit]

Both American and Canadian copyright law include different categories for works that are in the public domain based on when they were published or the author's birth and death dates. Generally, Canadian law allows for works 50 years from publication or 75 years from creation, whichever is shorter to enter the public domain. See Bibliowiki's page on the public domain and their Inclusion policy for more information.

Linking to Bibliowiki[edit]

This site has been added to our interwiki map, so a wikilink to Bibliowiki appears as: [[wikilivres:Foo]]. You can also use {{Bibliowiki}} (or the shortcut {{wl}}) to make a link which also points to this page for an individual work. If you want to point to an author who has works on that site then use {{Bibliowiki page}}.

It is helpful to use the templates mentioned below for linking to Bibliowiki in case something about the configuration of their site changes. In fact, Bibliowiki used to be hosted under the domain name "" and subsequently moved to "", "" and finally to "". All instances of "" links need to be changed and if they are linked via the templates, that is done instantly with one change of code.

Similarly, Bibliowiki pages frequently link to Wikisource, as well as to Commons, Wikidata, and Wikipedia.[edit]

There is a spin-off site from Bibliowiki (at a time when it was called Wikilivres) but is hosted at the Russian .ru top-level domain. This Wikilivres was made in 2012 after a split with the Canadian site over hosting texts under Creative Commons licenses which do not allow derivatives or commercial copying. Almost all of the content at this site is in Russian, English, Armenian, Bulgarian, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Scots, Serbian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. The site's interface is in Russian. It may be appropriate to link there as well for authors who only allow CC BY-NC-ND works or similar licenses (such as Richard Stallman).

Since May 2017, CC-BY-ND and CC-BY-NC works are allowed on Bibliowiki, see bibliowiki:Bibliowiki:Inclusion policy#Previous Licensing Restrictions at Bibliowiki.


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