Henton, Simon (DNB00)

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HENTON or HEINTON, SIMON (fl. 1360), Dominican, born at Henton, near Winchester, became a Dominican friar, and eventually provincial of the order in England. He wrote commentaries on the books of Proverbs, Song of Songs, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, the four greater prophets, and Job, besides treatises on the Ten Commandments, the Articles of the Faith, and the Cross of Christ. All these works have perished. The treatise on the Articles of the Faith and the commentary on Job were once in the library at St. Paul's (Dugdale, Hist. of St. Paul's, pp. 277, 282). Henton's ‘Moralia’ or ‘Postillæ’ on the twelve minor prophets are preserved in New College MS. 45 (Coxe, Cat. MSS. Coll. Aul. Oxon. i. 12, 13). Bernard (Cat. MSS. Angl. et Hib. pt. iii. No. 736) mentions a manuscript which contains ‘excerpta ex summa Fratris Symonis de Heintun.’

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