Newes from the Dead/Hippolytus was dead

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HIppolytus was dead, and (as the straine
Of Poets tel's) was made a Man againe.
Poetick Figments are turn'd Truths, for we
Have seen a Dead Maide's Palingenesie.
He twice a Man; She twice a Maid: 'Tis brave;
She had one Life to Loose, and one Save.
Or else it was our Logick Dy'd, not she:
For from Privation a Regresse we see.
Let's non admire then Bacon's Brazen Head,
When we see one that speaks, and yet was Dead.
You that so much for new Inventions give,
Observe a way, found out, by Death to Live.
Catts have for every Muse a life: but Shee
For every Grace; For by this Historie
The Author doth a Third Life to her Give,
And makes her Innocence and Fame to Live.
Her Life is writt here to the life: she fell
At a cheap rate, when 'tis describ'd so well.
For, th'Author's Pen's so good, that one would Die
To be Reviv'd by such a History.

Rich. Glyd, Fell. of New Coll.